Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Update

It was a busy weekend and flew by very quickly. D flew in on Thursday night and it was nice to have him a full extra day. We had a Doctor's appointment on Friday morning and everything is sounding really good. I was able to talk to the Dr. about my sickness and we decided to try a couple of different medications for the next two weeks to see if they help.

  • Friday night we went to dinner at the Wilson's house and I was able to catch up with a old friend Melodie and her family who were visiting from Sandpoint. It was a great time and I was happy to be able to finally plan something and not have to say no because I was sick.
  • Saturday was a very rough day for me. D made breakfast and as soon as I finished it all came back up which in turn made me have a mini breakdown. I try so hard to be strong and tell myself that it is only temporary but sometimes I have just had enough. Thankfully, I have a very understanding husband and he allows me to get it all out. Lucky for me (and him), my mini breakdowns don't last but a day and I move on.
  • Sunday we started the day with breakfast at my favorite place Cracker Barrel. Then we headed out to find D some new sunglasses for his birthday next week. Now I don't like to give birthday presents early but he broke his other pair so he really needed them this week for work. He also found a pair of sandals to replace the pair that our wonderful puppy Molly chewed up a couple of weeks ago. I guess I can now check off "birthday shopping for D" on my list of things to do!

This is the size of our baby this week


Aunt Traci said...

omg sunny i am so sorry that you feel so bad. i am also proud of you. so you are due in december? i just pray that the sickness will go away. i wish i was closer to help you. keep up the good work even if its hard as HELL. I love you.

Carrie LaFay said...

How did the ultrasound go? I remember it being the most amazing experience EVER watching the "movie" of that little person moving inside of me. I hope it was as memoriable for you also!

Missy said...

poor sunny! I feel your pain. I was very sick with both pregnancies, but it is all worth it and it will pass. I promise. I decided being sick was a small price for having such well behaved, wonderful children. Before you know it "baby H" will be going into high school!!! hang in there.