Monday, July 20, 2009


Our baby is the size of this pepper this week!

First, let apologize to my friends and family who read my blog. I have not posted forever and mostly due to the fact that I am still feeling like poop. The only thing on my mind these days is the sudden urge to visit the porcelain G*O*D or trying to talk myself out of it! I was hoping that I would work my way out of this stage but no suck luck. I am thankful that during some days I almost feel like my old self and so I try to enjoy those because I never know when that feeling will go away!

Secondly, let me catch you up on our lives:

D has been working away from home for a month now. He is enjoying the work and the guys he works with but being away from home is hard. Most weekends he drives home which has proven to be very hard on our little will reach the end of it's life a little sooner than we had hoped but until then D is trying to keep it running!

I was able to take a long weekend and drive myself and the two dogs to my mom and dad's a couple of weekends ago. I am happy to say that I made it without pulling over and emptying my stomach on the side of the road and believe it or not I felt the best I have ever felt that whole weekend. We had a good time floating the river, having dinner at the hotel where we were married and just spending some quality and relaxing time together.

Then my mom came down the next week to help me with some housework and attend the Kenny Chesney concert that D & I were suppose to go to but he couldn't make it because of work. It was a fun time and mom helped me out immensely with getting the house spic and span. We were also able to have lunch with our special friends Lisa & Cindy and Cindy came over to the house with her boys to do some more house and yard work.

This week I am 4 1/2 months pregnant...half way there. We have a doctor's appointment on Friday. We were able to get D a plane ticket so he will be flying home on Thursday night! I just hated him missing the last appointment because I was able to hear the heartbeat and couldn't. We are not sure if we will have an ultrasound this time. We haven't seen the doctor the last two times so it will be nice to catch up with her and see the progress.

Well, that is about it for now! Thanks for hanging in there with me and I promise to try and be better about keeping this blog updated.

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