Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy & Sad Days in the Haynes Household

The Happy: D was offered a job with work until at least September and maybe longer. He was ready to go back to work and unemployment was about to run out so the timing was perfect. He says "I'm excited to start working full time again and providing for me and our soon to come baby." Gotta love him!

The Sad: The job he took is with the same company that my father works for. This means that D will be living in northern Idaho with my parents during the week and home on the weekends. We both are very sad about this but know that it is the best thing right now for our family. He will be working 4 days a week and will be home on Friday afternoons.

We will make it through all this but it is a little harder right now because I haven't been feeling very well and D will miss a Dr.'s appointment this week. This appointment will be the one where we will finally get to hear the baby's heartbeat. I hope to be able to accommodate his schedule with our other appointments but this will be a difficult one to go through without him! :o(

All in all, I know that my parents will take really good care of him during the week and I will make sure that we spend every minute together when he is home on the weekends. Also, maybe it will make me a stronger women when it comes to having the extra responsibilities during the week.

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