Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Weekend Round-up


  • Ultrasound
  • Family & Friends BBQ
  • Major sickness & headache

We started the weekend with an ultrasound! It was great to see our baby again and watch all the movement. The Dr. commented that we must have interrupted gymnastics class because the baby was a movin' and a shakin'. So much that we were unable to get a great picture of it's 'private' area. If the Dr. would have to guess it is a girl but we will have another ultrasound on the 31st and maybe the baby will be more cooperative! We have to have another ultrasound because the baby's arm and leg bones seem to be measuring a week or two behind and the Dr. wants to make sure that it is continuing to grow. Now D & I don't have a lot of height in our families so it could just be that we have a wee little one on our hands, which is perfectly fine with me since I am the one delivering! After D & I saw the ultrasound we had our mother's come into the room and take a glance. It was a special moment and if you know my mom then you know that some tears were shed.

Saturday we had a Family & Friends BBQ and it was wonderful. D planned the whole thing and it was really nice to get everyone together. We had great food, good conversation and some fun games. The weather cooperated with us which made it even better!

Duffy/Haynes family...look at the size of that stomach!
Haynes Family...minus one

Saturday evening after the BBQ my little stomach friend came for a visit and so I was out of commission. I am not sure if I just over did it during the day but it wasn't pretty. The next morning the stomach was good but I had the worst headache thus far. That has been a new symptom of my pregnancy! I was able to make it to breakfast on Sunday but had to lay down the rest of the day while my mother and D worked on cleaning the inside and outside of the house.
Overall, it was a great weekend and even though I had a lot people in and out of my house I was thankful that I had the company. With D still working out of town it has been very lonely during the week. One last thing, want to give a huge shout out to my wonderful mother who helped me out so much this past weekend. I hope that I am at least half the mother to my child as she has been to me! Love ya Mom!!


Anonymous said...

Okay, more tears are falling again.......and by the way, it's very easy to be your mother. I love you so much! Hugs from MOM

Jessie said...

You look so CUTE!!!

Torikay said...

You look great Sunny! You are going to be a wonderful Mom!

Olivia's Mommy said...

So sorry that we missed all the fun on Saturday. And so very thankful that D and your Mom were there to take care of you while you were feeling miserable again. Hang in there sister you are already half way to the finish line. I ditto Tori...there is no doubt you will be a fantastic MOMMY!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you get to find out whether it's a boy or girl at your next ultrasound. It makes planning easier...but not knowing would be okay too. Think of the wonderful surprise you'd have when the baby is born.