Friday, October 22, 2010


Princess H is growing up so fast!  I know I will probably say that many times over the next 18 years but it just seems that everyday something new is happening.  She reached several milestones in the last 2 weeks that if we aren't careful we might miss something just by blinking! 

Princess H's achievements:
  • Took off walking...she was doing a little bit before we left but she really took off while we were gone.  Still a little wobbley but she falls and crawls to something that she can use to stand back up and she is off again
  • Can now drink through a straw.  However, she spits almost all of it out once she gets it in her mouth
  • She is learning how to share.
  • Her favorite word to say is 'Hi' but she also says 'da da', 'ma ma', 'ba ba' and when she wants too she will sign more, milk and please.  Today she said 'Hi da da!'
  • She has learned how to take her diaper off so she cannot go without pants.
  • Once we show her how a toy works she keeps handing it to us so we will do it again!
  • She is getting her 7th tooth this week! 
  • Loves her blankie and playing peek-a-boo
  • She is becoming a little more cuddley...she will lay her head on us and pat us.
  • She is no longer needing to be rocked to sleep. 
  • She loves to SMILE!

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