Thursday, October 21, 2010

~1st family vacation~

We started our adventure on the Oregon Coast! 
The drive was long and Princess H did so well. 
We arrived at a beautiful home and settled right in. 
We ate at Mo's, shopped the outlet mall, and D went deep sea fishing and that was just in the first three days!

On the fourth day we took Princess H to the aquarium in Newport and boy did she have fun.  I was a little nervous that she wasn't old enough but she just took it all in and had a great time.

We took walks on the beach and tried to find Princess H a little bit of the ocean but the beach was so clean. We made mental and picture memories instead!

Before we knew it, it was time to pack our stuff and head to our next stop.  Princess H wanted to help us pack up so Daddy decided to stick her in the suitcase. She loved it and didn't want to get out!  Our silly little girl!

Our next stop was at the Terry's house in Jefferson.  We spent two days with them and Princess H loved playing with Mac (their 2 year old son).  I enjoyed catching up with my good friend T and I even talked D into taking me to the outlet mall in Woodburn.  Again, our visit went way too fast but many memories were made and hopefully we can get together real soon.  I didn't get any pictures and am kicking myself as we speak!

We headed to Seattle so spend some time with my dear friend Kalees and her 4 month old son Kaden.  Princess H did really well on this car ride too! 
We arrived and headed straight to the Bellevue mall! 
Again, another shopping trip for D! 
We even visited the mall play area...our first ever and Princess H loved it. 
 She was all over the place and enjoyed all the kids running around her.
Although fun at the time, we think it might have been the culprit of her and baby K's colds that showed up the next day! ;o(


The next day we did the tourist thing and headed to the Space Needle. 
We ate lunch in the rotating restaurant and it was such a fun experience. 

The following day we had our first professional family pictures done by a wonderful photographer.  We met her through my friend Kalees and she is great!  Princess H started out a little crabby but soon became a ham and we cannot wait to see the finished product.  Thank you so much Sarah are awesome!

One night we got the opportunity to babysit Kaden while his momma got a girls night out!  He is such a doll and Princess H wanted him to be a little bit more active but she did great with him.  I so wish we didn't live so far away but we are trying to plan sometime to visit again! 

Well the time came when we had to leave yet another fun visit with friends.  We wanted to stay longer but also wanted to get home to our beds and to our puppies.  We were gone a total of 10 days and feel blessed that we were able to have wonderful family time.  We are even talking about making it an annual vacation. 

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