Wednesday, May 12, 2010

~first of many, I am sure of it~

We had a very eventful night last.  It really started out as any other...Princess H was a little difficult about going to sleep but she soon fell into a deep slumber.   D was downstairs with her and I ran upstairs to finish the dishes and place an online order but about an hour an half later I hear D calling for me to come downstairs.  Princess H had thrown up in her bed and was fast asleep in it.  She didn't even fuss or really move but D heard her and jumped out of bed to see her in the mess.  We cleaned her up and the bed but minutes later after she fell asleep on D's shoulder, he went to lay her down and she threw up again.  Well, this started a series of throwing up which I think ended up being 7 times in an a short period of time.  I decided to call the hospital and they said that a lot of bad stuff was going around and we should bring her in.  So off to the emergency room at 10:40pm...this was Princess H's second time to the ER but her first as a patient.  She threw up 2 more times at the hospital and then we were seen by the doctor who told us that overall she looked good.  She wasn't running a fever, didn't have a rash and wasn't dehydrated.  She was given a antinausea medication(which is the exact same stuff I took while I was pregnant with her ;o) and we were sent home.  I was pretty amazed that we made it home at 1:00am because it never is a fast visit to an ER.  Luckily she slept all the way home and ate a little bit before she went to bed.  Today she is feeling a lot better and has been eating really well.  What a scary moment for her mommy and daddy!  Hope we don't have another episode like that for a long time! 

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Torikay said...

Oh, I'm sorry... that is especially scary when they are so little!! Glad to hear that she is feeling better and hope you all get some rest today.