Friday, May 14, 2010

~baby moods vs. mommy moods~

Isn't it funny how such a little thing can determine the state of our moods?  Yesterday morning was wonderful with Princess H.  She had a great nap, didn't cry at all on the ride into town, she had a great time playing with Jana but it all went down hill from there.  She doesn't sleep well in her car seat so she didn't have much of an afternoon nap which left her very crabby.  We even went on a walk in the stroller and she complained the whole way which is so unlike her.  Then the ride home was nothing but screaming and crying and just as I was about to pull over to try to soothe her, she fell asleep.  I was at my wits end yesterday. 

Now today has been a little better.  She was a little crabby this morning but she took a 3 hour nap and got up all smiles.  We were going to ride into town with D tonight and meet my mom but she was just too crabby.  I didn't go for two reasons:  1) I feel guilty when she doesn't get good rest and 2) It is really stressful when we are trying to go somewhere and I just cannot keep her happy.

 I have a very crabby baby and I am hoping that it will soon pass so we can enjoy our days! 

her famous toothless grin!  Who would think that this little thing could be crabby all the time?! 


Carrie LaFay said...

It's the teeth. Brendan always goes through a crabby spell when he gets new teeth. I am sure it will pass soon! He is getting his last 2 year molar right now and hasn't been his normal jovial self. It's nice to know that it will be over soon but not so nice to know that you have a lot of teeth to go still :-) Hang in there momma!

The Haynes Family said...

Your were right Carrie...her bottom tooth started breaking the gums last night. I am so glad that it was the teeth because I was afraid that I had a difficult baby on my hands! ;o) I hope the others go a little better than this one but at least I know what to expect now!