Sunday, April 4, 2010

~happy easter~

We headed to our first Easter church service as a family.  Princess H did so well during the singing and part of the message but then she got a little antsy so D had to take her out.  Everyone oohed and aahed over her and some wanted to 'steal' her from us (not Christian like but we know they meant well! ;o)  Princess H got several Easter gifts: a duck and bunny from GG (Great Granny), a bunny from Great Great Grandma Bea, socks, a book, lotion, pants & headbands from G-ma and Papa and from mommy and daddy she got a book on 'What is Easter?' and a little bunny.  Already spoiled!  No colored eggs this year but next year will be a different story.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday!

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Torikay said...

You guys look fantastic!!! Love and miss you!