Wednesday, April 7, 2010

~the annoying intruder~

So we have been dealing with this little annoying 'intruder' for the past 3 weeks in princess H's mouth.  This 'intruder' is called Thrush.  She has been a little more crabby in the evening which makes me think that her mouth may hurt after a long day. She hasn't had any other side effects from the infection so we are truly grateful but it has been a nightmare to get rid. I have been treating myself (still breastfeeding and it can be transported back and forth during feedings), sterlizing everything-all the time (so much that the doctor says I maybe going a little overboard!) and giving her medication (that we have been on for two rounds). I took her to the doctor on Monday and we were given a purple stain called gentian violet to swab in her mouth once a day for the next 4-5 days and it seems to be working. The worst thing about the gentian violet is that it stains everything purple including her mouth (see pic below) but at least it is finally getting rid of the horrible ‘intruder’ and princess H is feeling much better.

The Purple People Eater!

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Jana said...

Poor baby! They should have given her that purple stuff 2 weeks ago.