Wednesday, April 6, 2011

~growing up too fast~

Princess H is growing up so fast....which I believe is a common phrase most mommies say!  She is learning new things everyday and loves testing us as well!  She loves playing outside so we are very anxious for the weather to warm up and it is nice for mommy because she sleeps much better after running off all her energy outside!  Her new amazing thing that she has learned to do is snap.  Can you believe that my 16 month old can snap her fingers?! 
sitting in her favorite chair and watching Baby First TV!

Just so darn cute!

As for the family as a whole...we had a wonderful sunny day last week and so we decided to plant a small garden.  We will see how well we did in a couple of months.  It is the first garden for both of us so if it fails we won't be too sad!  D has been working like crazy and just got back to his regular schedule last week.  We are so thankful that he has a job that takes good care of us!  I am getting bigger and bigger by the moment.  It is not the most fun time during pregnancy but it also means that we will be meeting our little guy really soon!  Princess H was born exactly 8 weeks from now so I am feeling the need to get things organized and ready to go!   He moves around a lot and this mommy is thankful that he lets me sleep at night!  We still have not decided on a name yet but we are working on it.  D says we had this hard of a time with Princess H's name but I don't remember it being so difficult.  As far as my health, I am keeping my high blood pressure under control and have passed all my tests but I do have to see the DR. every week to make sure things don't change.  I am very thankful that I am doing well enough that bedrest is not required!  I am not sure how I would manage that with a very active 16 month old running around!

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