Wednesday, September 15, 2010

~ode to poo~

Our 1st funny poo story:

Saturday we headed to the annual Lewiston Roundup Parade with a detour to Dutch Bros coffee.  After getting coffee and heading down to meet my mom to watch the parade, I heard Princess H pooing in her diaper!  Now this happens all the time so I told D that when we get parked the first thing we will have to do is change her diaper.  She had poo everywhere!  Luckly, I had put a onesie under her clothes because it was a bit chilly, it caught most of the stuff and it was all up her back.  Well, it wouldn't have been a huge issue except for the fact that I had to figure out how to get the onesie off without getting it all over her.  Needless to say she did end up standing in just her socks with poo all over her face, arm, legs and back.  Then she decided that she needed to go potty and stood there naked going potty in the back of the jeep all over her socks!  We got her all cleaned up and clothes back on and made it on time for parade!

Princess H and G-ma at the parade
(post poo incident!)

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