Tuesday, July 13, 2010

~trip to W. Richland~

We had the opportunity to go and spend the weekend with my cousin Tami and her family several weeks ago.  It was nice to get away for awhile, spend time with family and shop! 

Some of the wonderful things we got to do:

We had dinner at one of our favorite places: Outback Steakhouse!
D & Larry went fishing on Saturday while the girls went shopping!  We hit up a few yard sales and then we headed to the mall!  Then we went to one of my favorite places that I have missed since we moved here...TARGET! 
Sunday we went to church and I decided that I would let Princess H go to the baby nursery (scary since I didn't not know anyone at this church).  She did great but mommy not so much, I cannot even tell you what the sermon was about!  I spent the whole time looking at the screen waiting for her number to come up...kind of hoping she needed me but it never showed.  When we went to pick her up she was playing on the floor with a butterfly toy. 
Then we went to a great lunch, hit up Toys R us and then headed home.
We had a great time and hope to do it again soon!

Graci and Princess H got matching shirts!

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