Tuesday, June 15, 2010

~growing like a weed~

Today Princess H had her 6 month check-up.
She is growing so fast!
She weights 14lbs 10oz
She is 25 1/2 inches long

I cannot believe how much she has changed over the past two months...even the last couple of days.
She loves to smile, stick anything she can find in her mouth, trying so hard to crawl, loves to be outside doing anything, cannot wait to take a bath so she can splash around, loves to play with her daddy, makes raspberry sounds, loves her G-ma and Papa and loves to eat her fruits and some vegetables! 
 I am so excited to see what she does next but maybe she can slow down just a little bit!


Kambria said...

love to see all of the updates of miss harper! she is a beauty!!

Haynes Family said...

I am doing a lot better at keeping up this time around! ;o) I want to make sure that all our dear friends near and far can see how much she is growing! miss ya!