Sunday, May 2, 2010

~here and there...everywhere~

Last weekend we headed to Boise hopefully for the last time for awhile.  We are trying to get our house rented as soon as possible and decided that we needed to put new carpet in the two bedrooms downstairs so we had to go check it out before we paid the carpet guy.  It looked so nice that I shed a little tear because it was better than when we actually occupied the dwelling!  Please pray that the property management is able to get us a renter soon so we can move out of mom and dad's sometime this year! ;o)

We stayed with our dear friends Mike and Lisa.  We had a great time even though we were in and out all weekend but we were able to spend a couple of evenings 'shooting the bull'.   Princess H just loves these two and I think they might love her too! ;o) 

We were also able to see Cindy Lou!  Although it was very brief, we felt fortunate enough that she and the boys could come over and visit! 

Last but not least we decided that since we were so close to D's parents house (2 hours away) that we should make a trip down for the night so Princess H could see her Grandparents and Great Grandma Helen and Uncle Bruce and Aunt Connie.  It was a quick trip but well worth it because Princess H got some much needed lovin' from her Grandma and Grandpa! 

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