Friday, May 7, 2010

~first time mommy syndrome~

So here I am almost 34 years old and a first time mom.  I thought that I would have more wisdom than most because I am older but I am finding out everyday that no matter what your age, every first time mom has the same questions, fears, joys and sleepless nights.  The current milestone is that we think Princess H is cutting teeth.  She has been a bit more crabby than usual, wanting to chew on everything she can get in her mouth and drooling like mad.  Today I second guessed my mommy intuition.  Princess H's nose was running and she was pulling at her ears so I thought maybe she might have a cold and maybe an ear infection.  She has always pulled at her ears when she is sleepy but with the added runny nose I thought that she just might be developing something more.  After talking with D I decided that I should take her to the dr just to make sure.  Well, needless to say she didn't have an ear infection and he confirmed what I already assumed, that she is more than likely cutting teeth and everything that I have been doing is what needs to be done.  I guess it is better to be safe than sorry! 


Torikay said...

Often with Jaydan, teething evolved into an ear infection, so I think it WAS wise to get her checked out!! You're doing great! Hope Harper feels better and you all have peace soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny! Don't worry, I would have done the same and I have three kids :-) Always better to overuse the doctor than underuse and have a child who had to suffer through an ear infection unknown. One doctor told me when they cut teeth and the gums are open they are more at risk for infections/germs, not to mention putting germs in their mouths more chewing on things. Your daughter is so cute! Julie Robinson

The Haynes Family said...

Thanks Tor! She is feeling better but still no teeth!

Thank you Julie! It was good we went but you know that sometimes it just feels like I am being a little crazy! I didn't think about it the higher risk with the gums being open. I will watch closely for that. Hope all is well with you, greg and the girls. Let us know when you are up this way again!