Monday, April 12, 2010

~let me explain~

Yesterday was just one of those days!  It started with me spilling my cranberry juice all over the table and princess H's clothes.  I decided that I needed a little help from God but we didn't get ready in time to go to church so we went to the next best! We went to Walmart where princess H pooped her pants and got it all over her clothes and my sweater.  After a good cleaning and change of clothes, we finished our shopping and she decided she was done and screamed the whole time we were checking out.  In fact, I think that she had her first tantram(remember she is only 4 months old).  She let out a huge screamed and threw her baby doll on the ground.  It was so theatrical that the lady behind us in the line said, "Oh, she is not happy!"   I decided to hit up Costco because I am just crazy and luckily she fell asleep.  I decided not to press my luck and so we headed home.  The day really wasn't any different than in other day since I became a mom but for some reason I just felt extremely overwhelmed. 

Let me explain a little further.  Our lives have been crazy for the past year.  I found out I was pregnant, D soon was working away from home, I got put on bedrest, Harper was born, slowly trying to move our things into storage, trying to make sure that princess H is introduced to all the family and special friends, getting our house in Boise ready to be rented out, dealing with insurance companies, dr. and hospital bills....I could go on and on.  I guess it just all caught up to me yesterday.  It will soon pass and then we will have some 'other' crazy stuff going on but for now this is what consumes my life and I have to learn to deal with it all!  Wish me luck! :o)  

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