Tuesday, March 30, 2010

~sleep, wonderful sleep~

We are on day 14 of sleeping through the night. 
Now when you say "my baby is sleeping through the night", most people think this means a good 5-6 hours of sleep but for us it means 12 hours.  Yes, I said 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep!  It has been wonderful but for mommy is has been a little frustrating.  I feel more tired now that I am getting a good 8 hours of sleep then when I was only getting 2-4 hours of sleep.  AAAHHH!! 

With this new schedule we have had a set back in regards to napping. Somedays she will have two wonderful naps that last about 2 hours each but like yesterday she took a couple 45 minute naps which meant she was ready for bed at 6:30pm which means she is up at 6:30am.  The girl just doesn't like to take her naps during the day.  She can hardly keep her eyes open but she is going to fuss as long as she can to stay awake.  Soon she gives in and finds her thumb and goes to sleep.  We are not sure how to get her to understand that if she just gives in sooner she would be so much happier!   My little stubborn girl!  

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