Friday, January 29, 2010

Our little angle is growing so fast!

We got princess H's pictures taken last week. It was a big adventure for both her and her mommy! She did so well...she had two outfit changes and during her naked pics she wet on mommy's pants and the photographers backdrop. She knew that she had to make the day a memorable one!

She is changing everyday and we are loving the fact that she is smiling more often and starting to look directly at us instead of over our shoulder. I am starting to get the hang of this mommy thing but it is still harder than I ever imagined but very rewarding! ;o)
Update on our family: Most of you know that we have been making our home in Boise but since July D has been working in Lewiston. During the last three months of my pregnancy, D was only able to come home every four days which was hard on us and I required a caretaker when he was gone. After princess H was born I was able to go and spend 6 weeks with him and we were a family full time again. Last week princess H and I came back to Boise because I needed to go back to work but this is only temporary. We have decided to move permanently to Lewiston as D has found a full-time job. It was a tough decision because I will be leaving a profession that I have been apart of since 1995 but it is what is best for our family and hopefully I will be able to stay home a little longer with princess H. We are truly excited about the opportunities that God has created for us and are anxious to see what he has planned next!


Jessie Brown said...

So proud of you Sunny! I think this is a wonderful transition for your family.
Good job putting your family first...I believe it's so important!!
Miss you!

Kambria said...

i think that is the best decision you will ever make to put your family first. i am very excited for you and your new little family.

Carrie said...

I am so happy that you will be closer to family now. If you REALLY want to go back to work, there's always our old stomping grounds at the Orchards Club. I would imagine that alumni are always welcome there.