Thursday, November 12, 2009

Somedays, 'almost' just isn't enough

Today I am 33 weeks and 4 days pregnant! Yes, the end of this pregnancy is near and the introduction of our new little family addition will happen. However, I have been on 7 weeks of bed rest and although I have had few 'freak' out days than what I would expect, today is one of those. There is so much to be done before she comes and it is so hard to have my countless 'babysitters' to do the shopping and setting up the house in preparation of a baby. I want to be out shopping for baby items that we still need...can you believe that I haven't bought the baby one outfit yet?! Yes, there is the Internet but as most of you know it is so much more fun to actually shop for those precious little clothes, shoes and toys in person. We need more diapers, a diaper pail, a breast pump, I need to pack both my bag and the diaper bag for the hospital...the list is just never ending and I am stuck on this stupid couch starting to FREAK out about it all!
Enough of my is an update:
  • I will not go beyond 38 weeks so she will be here before Christmas
  • My bp is going down but it is a week to week decision on whether she comes sooner
  • I was put on another medication this week in hopes to bring it down a little more
  • I am getting bigger by the week and it is becoming more and more uncomfortable
  • She is still trying to be a gymnast in my belly but she is running out of room!
  • She is growing great but we know that she will be a little one when it is time to meet her
  • We still haven't decided on her name just yet but trying to narrow it down to 2 or 3 and may just make a final decision when we meet her.

We had an ultrasound last week and we saw that she has hair which is a miracle because D & I both were completely bald when we were born.Well that is about it for now. I will post some more pics from my baby showers that I have neglected to share when I get the energy because we all know I have the time! ;o)

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Torikay said...

Hang in there Sunny-Bunny! When all of this started, I was scared to death we wouldn't make it this long! You are doing great.... sounds like you may be starting to "nest" ;) Pack those bags... the rest will wait! We love you and can't wait for baby Haynes much anticipated safe arrival!