Tuesday, April 21, 2009

tagged by Kambria

once you are tagged you must take a picture of yourself right then and there....no primping.

reasons it's silly

1. who purses their lips like that...oh wait! 12 year old girls not almost 33 year old women!

2. Yes, the bright blue background is my office wall and I chose that color!

3. I cheated just a bit because I just got my hair done today!

My tag victims, if they choose are:

Olivia's Mommy



Kambria said...

yah! this makes me very happy!! your hair looks smokin' hot! you are totally growing it out, aren't you? so am i. we'll see how long that lasts. drama in the a-l-b today. holy cow. facebook me and i will fill you in. let's just say iris....madison....janice. holy hell. are you dying?

Sunny and Darrin said...

I need to know the details! I can only imagine what is going on!

I actually just cut the back of my hair shorter but keep the front longer. I couldn't stand it on my neck any longer!