Sunday, December 7, 2008

Porch Decorations

We decided to just put a few lights on our porch this year. I think that it looks festive and will be really nice when we get back from my parent's house after Christmas to take down!

Front Porch

My dear friends Tom and Kalees gave me the snowman stars last year! Love them!

Love the tree that I hung on the front door. My mom gave me this several years ago and can't imagine not having it to put somewhere each year

Our front porch staple decoration. I wish that my creative juices were flowing when it came time to decorate this but just had a box and some cinnamon pine cones to go around it. Will have to challenge myself next year to build on it!

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Anonymous said...

I love your decorations...much more than we have done. I told Bret if the kids don't put up the Christmas tree, then we won't have one this year!!! I'll have to arrange the gifts on the floor with a make-beleive tree!