Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Haynes' Family Christmas

This past weekend we headed to Paul, Idaho for the Haynes' Family Christmas. We had a great time with D's brothers and their families. I can hardly believe that Christmas is just a couple of days away!

In Paul, Santa comes by all the houses on the fire truck and throws candy!

After dinner, presents and fun we headed to Rock Creek. This one house located out in the middle of nowhere, places thousands of lights and displays all over the house and surrounding property. You can get out and walk down the driveway and around. They usually have a live Camel but he was out sick. This is the view from the road.

The Grinch is in the palm of my hand!

Melanie and me enjoyed this little Santas that bounce up and down to music! As you can tell it was extremely cold but we brought hot chocolate with us so we stayed warm.

D, nephew Colby, Santa and me
Santa was there handing out candy canes and welcoming everyone! What a great display and tons of F*U*N!


Debbi said...

How fun! Loved the pictures. Darrin looks like he might be afraid of Santa?? Just kidding....

Love you,
Momma Duffy

Missy said...

Hey miss sunny duffy haynes! Your 1st christmas as a married couple! Fun. Maybe next year you will have a little one to share it with! Hope your holidays were great!