Thursday, October 16, 2008

Owyhee Dam

As part of my job I am in a Leadership group that meets once a month for the next nine months. It is a great group and allows me the opportunity to get to know the area that I am working in. Yesterday was a field trip to the Owyhee Dam and we had a great time! The most amazing part is that it was built in the late 1920's and it is a pretty sound structure from the inside! The only scary part was having to take the elevator down to each level with 20 some odd people crammed in it (see pic below)

view from the reservoir side

view from standing on top of the dam

our group crammed in the elevator inside the dam

standing out on a small landing on level 4 of the dam (see our school bus waaayyyy down there?)

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Kambria said...

what a fun thing to do once a month. how is everything going? don't post here....shoot me an
e-mail. miss you guys.