Friday, September 5, 2008

the two f' good, one bad!

F #1: Yeah! It is Friday...I am looking forward to the weekend...time to write thank you cards, clean house, continue to organize the house, walk the dog, watch a movie and maybe even take a nap.

F #2: Frustrated...been feeling' a little on edge today. It really started when D and I were going over our finances...another step of being newly married. I get agitated when I am doing anything with money besides spending it! My only 'real' solution to making sure that I am never again frustrated is to win the lottery! I drive by a lottery billboard on my way home from work everyday and as I pass it, the day dreaming begins. I guess the next step would be to actually buy a ticket!

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Kambria said...

F #3 - football.... zachary sprained his ankle at football last night and will be out for maybe 3 weeks.

F #4 - flippin' tired..... need to have about a month off from work to re-group.

F #5 - friend...i miss mine! :(