Sunday, September 21, 2008

fall decorations...a work in progress

Just wanted to share with you my fall decorating...I am still working on it and trying to decide what I need to buy because you know that a girl can never have enough season and holiday decorations!
cute pumpkin flower arrangement that I received from my parents for my b-day

my beautiful sunflower arrangement that the girls at work got me, a new leaf candy dish and autumn leave Yankee candle that D picked out!

Gerber daisies that died once and then my mom brought back to life. The awesome iron stand we received from our wedding. mom and dad brought all this down with them.

D put up my flag pole today so I could start hanging all my flags!

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Torikay said...

Looks lovely. Isn't it fun? I think I'm going to do mine this weekend. It will be hard trying to do it with Jaydan's "help" but he'll get a kick out of them this year I think.