Sunday, September 14, 2008

birthday dinner

D is such a great husband!

Since I moved here all I could talk about was going to the melting pot for dinner. He made reservations for last night but we had to cancel because his allergies were so bad that he could hardly function but we rescheduled for tonight. What a wonderful time we had...the food was great and the company even greater!
1st course: fiesta cheese fondue with bread, vegetables and chips
with drinks: jack berry splash and strawberry martini
2nd course: Caesar of the best we have ever had
3rd course: mojo fondue with steak, salmon, shrimp and chicken
4th course: dark chocolate with cherries fondue with cheesecake, rice crispy treats, brownies, strawberries, bananas, marshmallows and pound cake!


(our wonderful food!)

(D arranged for flowers to be at our table for a birthday surprise)


Missy said...

Happy birthday! I too love the melting pot....

Olivia's Mommy said...

You look like you had SO much fun!! Remember it's your birthday week, so Sunday was just the beginning of the celebrating we are all doing for you every day this week!!

Jessie said...

OH so fabulous! I hope you enjoyed your birthday all looks like your man definately knows how to treat a lady! I am so dying to go to the Melting Pot!!

Torikay said...

I'm so glad Darrin makes your b-day so special!! I hope you have a wonderful day and a fantastic year!