Saturday, August 30, 2008

the day of home improvement

darrin and i forgot that this weekend was labor day so obviously we didn't have anything planned. this was just fine with us because we have many mini projects that we want to get done around the homestead.
today, darrin put in a new sink, vanity, faucet, outlet and light in the downstairs bathroom. It looks great and he did a wonderful job.
I worked on the weekly housework but paid special attention to one of our spare bedrooms because darrin's cousin heather is going to be staying with us for a month or two until her apartment opens up. i had to clean our junk out of it so she could feel a little more comfortable.
all in all it was a very productive day!

1 comment:

Kambria said...

is the house still for sale? company for a month.....holy smokes are a better woman than i! LOL!!! :)